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the lost soul

we found her
wandering in the fog
mumbling in the darkness
so we gave her a hug
and she recognized us

“i know you!” she exclaimed

but we had few words
walking down a city block
of the ‘real world’
we had to keep our wits about us

“take a look over your head.. you see the star?”
we inquired

she lamented
“i see only the endless black mist”

“look longer,
be patient,
the star is there”
we reassured

“i see it now,
like a dim spark in the clouds!”
she was happy
to see something new

“keep looking,” we advised

and by and by
the stars began to speed by
smeared but distinct
if one chose to focus
concentric rings of smoky plasma
rounded out our rapid journey

“i want to slow down
and take a look at the scenery”
she protested

we were slightly impatient
also most patient
and meted out the moment
into parallel eternities
giving her space to explore

as the intersection grew near
we had to pay attention to the traffic lights
play with ‘time’ a little

then suddenly
on we went
sailing true
clear to that blinding bright
and it was not so bright
as to hurt the eyes
not that we had eyes to see

the borders of the wormhole star gate raced into view
ancestors were there
we didn’t know most of them
but some of them we knew
people we had encountered during our sojourn upon the earth

that fertile rock
circles a yellow star
and that is just the way that things are

a spirit thanked our guidance
but failed to provide further clarity
back down the wormhole we tumbled
back into our body

and we walked across the street
when the light turned green

stardrive omnicron chronicals part v – dream shard

captain jurgen shuddered awake
cryo pod cleaning itself up
they glanced at the console
s/he smiled that several years had passed by
curss-sed time
jurgen yawned, “what’s new?”
the time traveller stuttered into view
more spherical this time
pulsating well beyond the starship hull
and into hyperspace
“ssssstop that!” jurgen hissed
the time traveller condensed to a small smoky orb
pulsating with light
electrical arcs casually zapping metal nearby
“thank-you.. i prefer this view”
probabilities were mulled
the fate of that blue marble in the balance
“is there still time?” jurgen inquired
“always” the time traveller deadpanned
let’s take a look
still burning fossil fuels
stolen like vampires, the blood of the earth
so tragic
when energy is everywhere
a vast, still pool
powering every particle in existence
harnessed by a small, unassuming appliance in each home
“they still draw electricity from a centralized grid?”
“how curious”
‘we thought they’d be pulling energy from the void by now’
both were interrupted by a polite chime from the ship AI
“you might want to see this”, the metallic voice intoned
a sliver of what appeared to be space rock raced around sol
“do we know them?” jurgen inquired
“depends” the time traveller quipped
in some timelines
it really is an odd asteroid and returns to interstellar space
in others..
..the cylindrical ‘rock’ begins to shed velocity
those tall enforcers
were on their way
fear them not, though many may
4D has many escape routes
and they are bound to 3D
though their technology is fearsome
“if you see two more similar star craft,
you will know for sure”
the scene faded
i found myself
sailing down some twisting nether
cleanly through the sky
despite the weather
raindrops large
shingles, nails, wood, insulation, gyprock
..a body..
jump back inside
large bits slightly uncomfortable
howling winds
kitties scared of the lightning
a reassuring pet
a reassuring purr
and all is well
all is well

eulogy for lance

it’s been a long time since i wrote from the heart
i decided there was nothing to say
so no thing was said


then my brother died
he was 42
somehow i always thought i would die first
being the oldest child
a deliciously painful sin
we both shared that lance is dead..

he once declared that:

“smoking will slip away from me”

at the time i took this statement as inspiration
yet he smoked as long as he was physically able
until death slipped smoke away
what now
my horrible addiction?


this is a eulogy for lance
my brother who has died

i’m happy he’s in a better place
it was hard watching him suffer
liver cancer
rough way to go
apparently chemo made him feel temporarily better
what does that tell you
of the pain he went through

lance had no fingers
froze them off in a snowbank in northern alberta one winter
jesus didn’t save his fingers
and lance was more of a believer than me

and yet
lance became ingenious about opening containers
and working on cars
his inventiveness astounded me

lance always had a plan..
my old man used to say:
“there’s the right way
there’s the wrong way
and then there’s lance’s way”

lance’s plans were often crazy
but also brilliant
he certainly had an alternate clarity on life
that i hated
that i loved

now that lance is gone
i realize i loved him
and i miss him now that he’s not here to drunk dial me
to tell me about his latest scheme
to judge me for being an honest fool

thank-you, lance
for being part of my life

a part of you lives on upon this earthly plane
in my heart
and i imagine
the greater part of you lives on..

resplendant and ascendant
shining in that radiant heaven
slipping down for a peak at the mortals
sneaking through a downwards portal
smiling, in your prime
opening another door for the portal up

thanks for saying good-bye
happy to see you’re doing well in your new body

on plans

it has been said
(loosely translated)
the best laid plans
of various meat-sacks
do oft go astray
why is this?
why do plans not work out as.. planned?
one could comfortably blame
that great magnet in the sky
relentlessly dragging forth
the festivities of the day
here is why
a contract was made
back before a soul jumped into a body
of certain pains and sufferings to forebear
and pleasures and mercies
everything is perfect
exactly as it is
life could not have turned out any other way

wise king

when there is nothing to say
what can i say?

there is nothing new under the sun
everything is meaningless

the stars and the rain
fall upon the righteous and wicked alike

everything is meaningless
a vain twisting in the breeze
and there is nothing to say

where do we go when we live?

where to reside
in the human meat-sack?
in the sex
and comfort?
in the feel
and emotional trip?
in the passion
performing all kinds of actions?
in the heart
HUUUuuuu… love all, serve all?
in the voice
speaking much?
in the forehead
controlling circumstances?
over the head
watching all?
residing in the great clear hot
the all and nothing
the potentiality of all that is
the ten thousand things
and they are not things
this is why they are named things

pluto’s platitudes

that which thou seest
which is neither virtue nor vice
neither cause nor effect
neither past nor future
shew me that

some would say
it is

as the first sounds a baby utters
as the lips close to cease a sound
as the sound between

is it true?
who can say
for there is nothing to say

aether for the soul

on evergreen trees
firs and pines and spruces
the largest branches
are closest to the ground

and further up
the branches grow smaller
as the trees grow taller

it is nature’s way

forsake the side excursions
trade the horizontal for the vertical path
direct energy there
with food and sex and feel and thought and breath and no-thought
posture straight
eyes shiny

regarding dispassionately all forms in their delusion

a shiver up the spine
as another veil rides the winds

dimensional definitions

i’m a lazy typer
so there are some definitions you ought to know

singularity = a point in space. like the period at the end of this sentence.

1D = a line drawn between two points. this is a straight line, it does not curve.

2D = a plane in x,y space.. like a sheet of paper. there is length and width, and curves can be expressed here. also known as 2-space.

3D = the dimension with which most are familiar. this is a cube in x,y,z space with length, width, and height. a cube is an infinite array of 2D planes. also known as 3-space.

Time = an illusion at best. not the fourth dimension, but perhaps a suitable indexer.

4D = an array of cubes. this space is capable of ‘holding’ an infinite array of 3D cubes, indexed by time. also known as 4-space, hyperspace, the bulk.

Time = a multidimensional construct. there is T1, representing a moment in 3D space. there is T2, representing a 2D array of possible 3D space events. you’re already saturated, so no need to discuss further dimensions of so-called ‘time’. really, time is timeless. all is now.

5D = what is known as heaven. thoughts become reality here. emotions drive thoughts. where souls go to “die” or “rest” before choosing a new reality to experience.

6D = the angelic and false god realm.

7D = the source. all that is. that from whence reality springs into being and ultimately subsides. nirvana. nothingness. everythingness. god.