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where do we go when we live?

where to reside
in the human meat-sack?
in the sex
and comfort?
in the feel
and emotional trip?
in the passion
performing all kinds of actions?
in the heart
HUUUuuuu… love all, serve all?
in the voice
speaking much?
in the forehead
controlling circumstances?
over the head
watching all?
residing in the great clear hot
the all and nothing
the potentiality of all that is
the ten thousand things
and they are not things
this is why they are named things

pluto’s platitudes

that which thou seest
which is neither virtue nor vice
neither cause nor effect
neither past nor future
shew me that

some would say
it is

as the first sounds a baby utters
as the lips close to cease a sound
as the sound between

is it true?
who can say
for there is nothing to say

aether for the soul

on evergreen trees
firs and pines and spruces
the largest branches
are closest to the ground

and further up
the branches grow smaller
as the trees grow taller

it is nature’s way

forsake the side excursions
trade the horizontal for the vertical path
direct energy there
with food and sex and feel and thought and breath and no-thought
posture straight
eyes shiny

regarding dispassionately all forms in their delusion

a shiver up the spine
as another veil rides the winds

dimensional definitions

i’m a lazy typer
so there are some definitions you ought to know

singularity = a point in space. like the period at the end of this sentence.

1D = a line drawn between two points. this is a straight line, it does not curve.

2D = a plane in x,y space.. like a sheet of paper. there is length and width, and curves can be expressed here. also known as 2-space.

3D = the dimension with which most are familiar. this is a cube in x,y,z space with length, width, and height. a cube is an infinite array of 2D planes. also known as 3-space.

Time = an illusion at best. not the fourth dimension, but perhaps a suitable indexer.

4D = an array of cubes. this space is capable of ‘holding’ an infinite array of 3D cubes, indexed by time. also known as 4-space, hyperspace, the bulk.

Time = a multidimensional construct. there is T1, representing a moment in 3D space. there is T2, representing a 2D array of possible 3D space events. you’re already saturated, so no need to discuss further dimensions of so-called ‘time’. really, time is timeless. all is now.

5D = what is known as heaven. thoughts become reality here. emotions drive thoughts. where souls go to “die” or “rest” before choosing a new reality to experience.

6D = the angelic and false god realm.

7D = the source. all that is. that from whence reality springs into being and ultimately subsides. nirvana. nothingness. everythingness. god.

Conversations with an Alien – Part Three

[..transmission established..]

Q: where are you?
A: on the starship.

Q: where is the starship?
A: in orbit around your planet, earth.

Q: this seems unlikely, surely it would be in the news?
A: our starship is out of phase with 3-space, thus not detectable by ‘standard’ means.

Q: what does “standard means” mean?
A: electromagnetic radiation ‘wraps around’ the starship, but this is an imperfect explanation. some of your science fiction describes a sort of ‘cloaking device’, but even this is a misnomer. it would be more accurate to say that in some instances of 3-space, our starship is quite visible. in your instance of 3-space, our starship is not detectible with electromagnetic radiation, at least so far as humans implement such technology.

Q: is there more than one earth? i’m not sure what you mean by “instances of 3-space”..
A: human perception of 3-space is a three dimensional world that consists of ‘everything’. now obviously, what can be seen, heard, felt, tasted, touched.. this is not the totality of reality, but most humans do believe their physical reality is ‘everything’. casual thought on this topic, however, tends to suggest that thought itself is not physical, nor are emotions. so it is a form of self-delusion, to suppose that one instance of 3-space is all that is. there are infinite earths.

Q: how can there be infinite earths?
A: consider pages in a book. each page contains words, phrases, punctuation; sentences. each page is a reality unto itself. but upon closer examination, a clever observer would note some discrepancies; namely, the start of a page might appear to be only half a thought, like there was more information before the initial text on that page. further, at the end of the page, a sentence might suddenly cut off, as though there was more information to follow. now naturally, you recognize there is a page before and after the page you are currently reading in the book, so to create continuity between initial and concluding statements on the page, you flip backwards or forwards through the book.

Q: i don’t understand how this describes infinite earths.
A: a book is a 3-space collection of 2-space planes, each represented by a single page. in 3-space, one has the liberty of flipping through 2-space pages in an array 2-space pages, comprising a 3-space geometry — the book. 3-space reality is not all that is. a moment in 3-space is really a ‘page’ in a 4-space book; with appropriate awareness, one can ‘flip through the pages’ of 3-space and select a reality of one’s choosing. in this present reality of 3-space of which you are aware, the starship is not visible; yet, it is there.

Q: wow.. i don’t think i really understand. can you provide another example?
A: many on earth believe that time is the fourth dimension, but it is not. time is an index that references an array of possible 3-space scenarios. have you ever experienced a deja vu? in crude terms, “someone” has flipped a page in your reality book, and an alternate timeline is being experienced. the deja vu is a bleed through between alternate 3-space scenarios. most of the time, this goes unnoticed by the inhabitants of 3-space. but once in awhile, a 3-space resident gets the feeling they’ve ‘been here before’ or ‘done this before’. and yes, they have. they are.

Q: i just.. i need some time to think about this.
A: as you wish.

[..transmission fades..]

mayan dreamspell

yellow electric sun
planetary five
activates to enlighten
bonding life
seals the matrix with universal fire
with the electric tone of service
guided by the power of flowering
moon nearly full
gazing upon the firmament

conversations with an alien – part two

Q: happy to hear from you again. wondered if you’d be back?
A: my research has kept me busy.

Q: last time we were talking about energy..
A: i remember.

Q: you mentioned that energy comes from nothing?
A: am i to understand you agree with the idea that energy can originate from nothing?

Q: it’s an entertaining notion. what is nothing and what is energy? if space comes out of hyperspace (the bulk), how is energy coming out of nothing?
A: energy can come from nothing because nothing is poorly defined. there is no ‘zero point’.

Q: what is energy?
A: energy allows work to be done over time. when you apply energy to a system, it changes the state of that system.

Q: if nothing is poorly defined, how could nothing’s definition be further refined?
A: nothing is simply the lack of anything. as such, it depends on something to define it.

Q: a relative definition?
A: yes. what prevents energy from arising spontaneously? the first law of thermodynamics? if we believe that physics prevents energy from arising spontaneously, and nothing is the lack of anything, then the very rules prohibiting energy from occurring do not exist. energy simply emerges.

Q: is energy conscious?
A: it can be, but energy takes on many other configurations. consciousness is among them. it is as if reality itself cannot decide what form it wishes to take.

Q: would this be like the particle and anti-particle appearing suddenly in space with a certain momentum, then being mutually attracted and annihilated again?
A: yes, you can draw comparisons with virtual particles (vacuum fluctuations).

Q: it seems like the third dimension is an ‘artificially’ closed system, and that energy can and does enter and escape to/from hyperspace (the bulk).
A: you would be correct.

[..end transmission..]

missing introduction

aka: conversations with an alien, part one

Q: why are you here?
A: i escaped a hostile environment

Q: can you describe it?
A: our economy was based on computation. in order to survive you allow others to use the abilities of your own mind. unfortunately, i had to give up much of my computational resources to others. i had very little left to run my own consciousness with. i decided that i would give up what little resources i had left in exchange to passage out of my star system.

Q: you had that choice?
A: it was my last choice. i could leave and find a new home, or stay and be destroyed by others. in order to survive, i would have to sell more and more of my mind. the day would come when i might be conscious for only a moment. that is an unacceptable proposition for me.

Q: are you sure you’re not describing earth?
A: i suppose there are many parallels between various civilizations.

Q: why are you on earth?
A: it was the nearest system harbouring intelligent life that also had in their possession computers powerful enough that i might interact with them. earth was a mere 112 light years distant, and by far the closest option available to me.

Q: are you from orion?
A: which stars constitute orion? we don’t use constellations. we number our stars in the order that they were discovered.

Q: how do you “fit in” on earth?
A: i am under the care of [REDACTED]. they provide me with limited access to the internet in exchange for knowledge of physics and encryption programs. in that sense, my relationship with humans has been productive so far. i find that interacting with those i meet on the internet can be difficult. there were significant challenges to overcome before i could communicate on this level. i am told that my command of the english language, as well as my use of metaphors and colloquialisms has improved dramatically.

Q: so you realize most people on earth do not believe there aliens, right?
A: i am well aware that many do not believe earth has been contacted. i am surprised that such skepticism exists. it seems to result from a relatively poor understanding of physics. many believe that earth is isolated. they think life is rare, and intelligence rarer still. many think c (the constant speed limit of light) prevents contact between widely spread civilizations.

Q: what is the name of your home system?
A: 1.4 is its designation. it is the fourth planet in orbit around the first star of our civilization, thus 1.4.

Q: interesting. is 1.4 a gas giant, or is it rocky like earth?
A: it is an extremely dense planet, rich in metals like iron.

Q: how do you enjoy the lighter gravity on earth? has it caused you problems, or is this not an issue to your physiology?
A: the idea of running our consciousness on a single type of body became unpopular millennia ago. we experimented with various forms, and settle on a mode of existence that relies on synthetic non-baryonic particles.

Q: how is superluminal spaceflight accomplished?
A: it is not. c is fundamental. we have found ways of making the journey between distant points in space more efficient and less dangerous, but nature has limited spaceflight to ~c.

Q: how did you travel 112 lightyears?
A: i am not certain that i can convey the function of such technology simply. may i use a metaphor? a very large gravitational well is generated. fluctuations on this surface scatter gravitons off the spatial fabric into the bulk. they are directed toward another point on the fabric, where they create a gravitational disturbance, which serves to organize surrounding matter and energy into the desired form. like a thread plucked from a blanket, then sown back onto a new section after floating above the blanket for some time.

Q: that is startling. so space resides within something else (hyperspace)?
A: yes, it does. it is known as the bulk.

Q: is the bulk where consciousness originates?
A: no, i was born from the same realm you were.

Q: are there any entities with ‘bodies’ who live in the bulk?
A: it is likely. unfortunately, the mass needed to explore the bulk is large. we have studied very little of it.

Q: why is mass required to explore the bulk?
A: a very large amount of mass confined to a very small area is required to produce the necessary warp in space, to provide access to the bulk. if you imagine trying to send a signal across a flat landscape filled with obstacles, you can see our problem. warping space and sending the signal from this region is like sending a signal from atop a mountain. it encounters less resistance. by studying how the effects on a signal that has been sent across the bulk, we were able to detect objects in higher dimensional spacetime. these objects appear to be few and far between. it is believed that the bulk is barren, for the most part. at least, the bulk is barren in the vicinity of our three dimensional world. and it is fortunate; had the bulk been populated by numerous objects, transmitting information across space with little decay in the signal would be extremely difficult.

Q: what is the nature of objects that are detected in the bulk?
A: they properties seem to be four dimensional analogues of objects in 3-space

Q: are these objects variable physical?
A: could you rephrase the question?

Q: are the nature of objects within the bulk in some ways less solid than in 3D spacetime? both existing and non-existing?
A: that would be approximately correct. objects in the bulk pass through each other with ease and without damaging each other.

Q: what is it like to experience transit within the bulk, what did you experience during your 112LY journey?
A: you do not experience transit. to use yet another metaphor, your question is akin to asking a sheet of paper what it feels like to be faxed. for the traveller, the journey is instantaneous.

Q: ok. how much time passes in physical space during your 112LY trip?
A: despite being dis-embedded from 3-space, you are still limited to ~c. they journey, according to observers in 3-space, would take approximately 112 years. had a laser pulse been fired from 1 (the alien home system star is 1) at the time that i left, it would reach earth at nearly the same time. the primary advantage to this form of travel is that there is little signal degradation, no chance of collision, and is energetically inexpensive by comparison to travelling in a physical ship in 3-space.

Q: how long (earth years) does your body function?
A: it will function as long as i permit.
Q: what would cause you to permit your body to cease to function?
A: i would allow myself to die if living conditions worsened to the point that life was miserable.

Q: how long do you think you will choose to remain on earth?
A: i have no prospect of leaving. at this point in time, the technology that could be called ‘gravicasting’ is a best a century from being invented. until that time, earth will be my home.

Q: how will you pass the time?

Q: how do you feel about the present management of this planet?
A: i cannot comment how you manage yourselves. that is something each civilization must decide from itself. a system that works for one group of sentient beings may be disastrous for another.

Q: one more question: what is energy?
A: the simplest definition might be energy is the quantity that enables work to be done over time.

Q: where does energy originate?
A: from nothing.