plum cider

silence roars
echoing through-out the canyon
winter winds
chill upon the airs
of those glittering winter wastelands
all sparkling in the setting sun
twinkling spun
footsteps orange within
blue behind
crusted hard in surface snows
crunch crunch crunch crunch
walking to the lake
mountains loom darkly
upon the water depths
waves ripple gently
bathing frozen sandy shore

notable quotable

if words have five marks..

they are not ill-spoken
but well-spoken
laudable and praised by the wise

what five?

they are spoken at the right time
they are true
they are spoken with gentleness
they are to the point
they are spoken with love

one more time around

and sol
advanced in age
still put out a good fire
and courted his hidden mistress
brown on black
barely visible against the velvet aethers

sol calmed down as she approached
flares dampened
dirty sunspots stashed away
(for some other day)
all awash with gentler phires

although those canopy rifts
streaming forth their radiant plasmas
gave him dead away

oort and kuper icelettes danced their wave
strengthened by her gravity pulse


those inhabitants of the earth
continued to spiral chase
a yellow star
they drove their cars
near and far
and tried to save money to die
(less estate taxes of course)

serpent writhes within the skies
electric comets
orbits doth arise

fret ye not
lover of cats
(or dogs, if you’re a dog person)
lover of plants
lover of minerals and rocks and aires..

fret ye not
those laid hidden
deep within the earths

fret ye not
those space-borne within the starships..

this has happened before
this will happen again

a question to the recently displaced soul fragment:
why would you return to a planet named earth?
is that truly
your only option?

oh soul
now that thou art dead
pass ye not
left nor right
but sail on true
clear to that blinding bright

is this a great error.. run to the first light that is seen?

kings & spies

the old man withered
rattling within his meat sack
dragging foot in front of foot
lurching his body forward

(what consciousness energizes thusly)

bottle of cider in his hand
staggering along
the railway tracks
paper bag
crinkled from the top

and he beheld the sky
clouds wreathing mountains high
guarding the snow above
from the greenery of the valley below

ripples in the lake
mountains racing towards each other
ending in a V
airs betwixt
reflected in the waters as -V
revealing the futures past
twisting with the future fates

and all of it was meaningless
for it had come and passed before
as surely as it would happen again

fifth dimensional rider gods
were absent on that day
no amount of tinder dry
would strike a fire within the damp

he met a wildman on the way home
yelled an extra-dimensional salute of his name
and the wildman was terrified
jumped back
“do not speak to me this way!”

and onward home he went

what is diamond sutra?

simply stated

it is the diamond
that cuts through delusion

and this is a lofty claim
to cut through delusion

the diamond sutra is an ancient text
written in sanskrit
an even more ancient language
also known as
the vajra sutra

you can read it online if you search
there are pictures of gods
some guy known as the buddha
pages and pages of preamble and commentary
maybe 50 pages in you get to the sutra

apparently there are six requirements:

belief, hearing, time, host, and audience

if you are reading this
the requirements are met

you have to get through a lot of preamble
begging bowls and disciples and customs

there are a number of great quotes later in the text:

“They are neither dharmas nor no dharmas.
And why?
Unconditioned dharmas distinguish worthy sages.”

“There is no mark of self,
And no mark of others,
No mark of living beings
And no mark of a life.”

“All conditioned beliefs
Are like dreams.
illusions, bubbles, shadows,
Like dew drops and a lightning flash.”

“If you can have no thought,
you are not attached anywhere.
If you can have no thought,
you can produce that heart
without dwelling anywhere.”

what is the core essence of the diamond sutra?

dwell in the heart
think no thoughts
but there are no thoughts
this is why they are named no thoughts

diamond sutra

and the king’s english
influence the inspiration and language

once a wild man said:

‘i care to exist and air and water;
diamond wine’

when i was a child
my parents used to make me go to church
we went to lots of churches
my grandfather disapproved
and i didn’t understand why

i used to wonder how preachers came up with their material
something new every sunday
(even though i didn’t particularly care for it)
i did marvel at their creativity
maybe flop open a book
pick a verse from the holy writ?
make some arbitrary judgements
write a 3-point expository essay about it?
wrap it up with an intro and conclusion
ten minutes per paragraph
queue the band to play more songs
send the good flock off to
some all you can eat buffet
to dampen those guilty sorrows

until one sunday night..

yes, we had to go to church both morning and night sometimes
even wednesdays on occasion
maybe thursday and friday too
if they were trying to stoke a revival

..ah yes
THAT sunday night
the preacher confessed he had no new sermon for us
and i was amazed
scandalized really
(as it was popular to feel that way in those days)

now i understand

this NO THING to say

but there are no things to say
this is why they are named no things to say

(the diamond cutter draws another line)

calibration sequence

then it came to pass in those days
that hearts were darkened
attention turned away from those things holy and pure
airwaves filled with hatred and strife
and even hunters remarked
deer and elk were harder to find
deep within the snowy forest

love all, serve all
has a tough time against
might makes right

both of these are games of the gods
and there are no games of the gods
this is why they are named games of the gods

thinking too much
no thought
feeling too much
no feel
doing too much
no do

but there are most certainly
swirling within the meat sack mind
THAT thought
THAT feel

these are of the earth below
these thought and feel and do

(and there is no
thought and feel and do
this is why they are named
thought and feel and do)

when you were a baby
you had no language yet
no words of the intellect to confound
no social mores to sway

what is heaven above?
why this boundary?
why this.. forgetfulness?
(forgetmenot, again)

saying much
this is one of the first heavenly powers
closest to hovering over earth
and certainly a power available unto wo/man of the earth
even the birds and cats and dogs
have their vocal expressions

that which thou sayest
doth come to pass

some call this throat chakra
give it the colour blue
pay attention next time you’re talking
do you feel heat in your neck?

well.. what do you see?
how many colours are in the rainbow?
forget the picture books
how many colours do you see!
are any of them.. clear hot??

did that purple lightning strike
pulse the power in your home
make the townsfolk mutter
show you something else?

it’s worthing noting
that seeing is creation
that which thou seeist
doth forthwith exist
a tenant of quantum physics engineers can attest
the act of observation collapses
a wave of infinite photon possibilities
into a singular particle

careful what you dream
thoughts are deeds
this is why it is valuable
to know that thoughts
are NO thoughts
(a choice to re/energize them or not)

how do you know you’re not dreaming right now?

with sight certainly comes responsibility
with knowing and commanding
the institution of right action
management of karmas arising from action
nature chases its tail
why provoke nature to spin?

ignore this wisdom at thy peril
better to do nothing mostly
using action sparingly
and with precision
this is third eye

crown, well..
and those realms beyond
at this time the mention of these
are sealed for your protection

there is a space
a void
a clear hot riding upon the icy blacks
unifying heaven above
with earth below
dwell there
all bright in shiny
blissful in your heart

unify heaven above
with earth below
there is a symbol there
riding in the sky
hovering within the aether vapours
known to no-one
known to all

where are you right now?

perhaps the most popular question
asked over an electronic device

“I’m at the library
reading a book”

awareness is above
physicality is below

what a curious mystery
the willful forgetfulness of source
it’s some divine plan

ask even those near death experience folks
they go to heaven or hell or whatever
understand everything in its cosmic significance
realize they have to come back to earth
wake up back in their body
and totally forget why they came back
by design

listen friend
if you’re lost in life’s feels:
your pain
your emotions
your passion
your power
your lust
your pride
your sense of self importance

these are silent gongs
soundless bells
they are the essence of being on a physical world

what energizes this existence?
whence forth doth awareness arise?
the world is old and dirty
it’s a reasonably decent planet
(sky is the perfect shade of blue)

the heart is where heaven meets earth
those radiant beams of divinity
merge with the murky meat sack mucks

dwell in the great clear hot
hovering between heaven and earth
shining in that sacred space of heart

up the chimney down

much can be observed
in the earthly realm
a walk in the forest reveals much
regarding the ancient ways

what is the source
behind all this beauty?
what energizes this scene?
why do electrons tirelessly orbit atoms
without sailing off
or crashing within?

where DOES all this mass get its energy?
(why does it ’cause’ gravity?)

in this time
the autumn of 2018 AD
this civilization knows how to split and fuse atoms

now riddle me this
why does over-unity energy get produced
regardless of whether atoms are divided or merged?

fission vs fusion
both are momentary windows
to the energies beneath the surface of matter

a glimpse at
down the chimney up

did you read that contract?

did you read it?
what were the terms and conditions?
were there any alternate definitions of words defined?

so lightly entered into
so mindlessly signed
in blue ink no less!
(or perhaps the casual click of a mouse)

all in exchange for
your priceless time and energies

are you afraid?
don’t want to rock the boat?
how’s that working out for you?
is this prosperity?
is this success?!

some say the devil is in the details

herein and whereto

where are you right now?
are you comfortable?

once upon a time

a crazy man
roamed the streets
begging for cigarettes
smoking second hand rollies
from passerby ashtray droppings
he spoke of the delusion of duality
and i was compelled to listen
to this wise man’s rant
he was all trinary now
whatever that meant
what does trinary mean to you?
it’s the godhead, man
he explained
like the stars
shining forth their radiant brilliance
ancient civilizations
burning for their sins
casting a warming glow
upon those clueless planets
food for the plants and animals alike
and they deserved it surely
those old gods
this is why they are named
those old gods
for where are they now?
hidden behind every secret bend
wending through those unconscious thoughts
the aliens are here already
he declared
shining through your eyes
a woman hugged him next
and that was the end of our conversation