alas babylon

a certain scripture doth proclaim:

“alas, alas,
that great city babylon,
that mighty city!
for in one hour
is thy judgment come”

what is the meaning of this?
who is babylon?
when is the timeline?
(a joke about time)
wherewith shall the judgement of fire be proclaimed?

this is an ancient prophesy
we have entertained numerous interpretations
all are most likely delusion

we circle a yellow star
and that is the way that things are


where is the missing momentum of the solar system?
why does sol not contain it?
are the laws of physics violated?

consider nemesis
that dark star
is really a misnomer
brown dwarf is more accurate

why now,
the collective amnesia of your society?
how many years back
does your history go?

everything that has a beginning
has an end
including this present civilization upon the earth

the rich shall cry out to the gods
of the mountains to cover them
fearful against that terrible judgement
of some ‘lord’

who do you serve?
and why?

pockets of life
here and there
shall survive that horrible onslaught

the wisest
thrive the strongest
in tune with the song of planet
settling the dusts of a new world