binaural bicameral

with sufficient awareness, ‘nightmares’ are re-writable.

sometimes the ‘matrix’ or whatever..

maybe the karma/grudges from my daytime actions
(for i am not perfect)
is what they really are me something approaching ‘nightmare’ material

but really, it’s more mirth than anything these days
i watch the dream as a detached observer
still and silent within the great clear hot
even hear the sounds of real life as i dream
the braking and acceleration of diesel trucks
the droning hum of the nearby commercial heater
the screams and yellings of drunken passerby
the bicameral shouts in my otherwise deaf ears,
the mortal peril of some ‘nightmare’ dream sequence..

and all of it is delusion
not real
and there is no delusion
this is why it is named delusion

these binaural beats are designed to centre the mind
generating awareness from silence

it is more or less inevitable

as evidenced by shakti
arising to her consort shiva
the yin yearning for the yang..
and yet there are no gods,
this is why they are named gods.

the kingdom of heaven is within you,
(and all that)

this shakti/shiva mythos
is mind pictures for the following truth:

energy arises from your spine,
travels upwards to your crown
undulating the spine
a smile on one’s face..
all signs of this truth