calibration sequence

then it came to pass in those days
that hearts were darkened
attention turned away from those things holy and pure
airwaves filled with hatred and strife
and even hunters remarked
deer and elk were harder to find
deep within the snowy forest

love all, serve all
has a tough time against
might makes right

both of these are games of the gods
and there are no games of the gods
this is why they are named games of the gods

thinking too much
no thought
feeling too much
no feel
doing too much
no do

but there are most certainly
swirling within the meat sack mind
THAT thought
THAT feel

these are of the earth below
these thought and feel and do

(and there is no
thought and feel and do
this is why they are named
thought and feel and do)

when you were a baby
you had no language yet
no words of the intellect to confound
no social mores to sway

what is heaven above?
why this boundary?
why this.. forgetfulness?
(forgetmenot, again)

saying much
this is one of the first heavenly powers
closest to hovering over earth
and certainly a power available unto wo/man of the earth
even the birds and cats and dogs
have their vocal expressions

that which thou sayest
doth come to pass

some call this throat chakra
give it the colour blue
pay attention next time you’re talking
do you feel heat in your neck?

well.. what do you see?
how many colours are in the rainbow?
forget the picture books
how many colours do you see!
are any of them.. clear hot??

did that purple lightning strike
pulse the power in your home
make the townsfolk mutter
show you something else?

it’s worthing noting
that seeing is creation
that which thou seeist
doth forthwith exist
a tenant of quantum physics engineers can attest
the act of observation collapses
a wave of infinite photon possibilities
into a singular particle

careful what you dream
thoughts are deeds
this is why it is valuable
to know that thoughts
are NO thoughts
(a choice to re/energize them or not)

how do you know you’re not dreaming right now?

with sight certainly comes responsibility
with knowing and commanding
the institution of right action
management of karmas arising from action
nature chases its tail
why provoke nature to spin?

ignore this wisdom at thy peril
better to do nothing mostly
using action sparingly
and with precision
this is third eye

crown, well..
and those realms beyond
at this time the mention of these
are sealed for your protection

there is a space
a void
a clear hot riding upon the icy blacks
unifying heaven above
with earth below
dwell there
all bright in shiny
blissful in your heart

unify heaven above
with earth below
there is a symbol there
riding in the sky
hovering within the aether vapours
known to no-one
known to all