Conversations with an Alien – Part Three

[..transmission established..]

Q: where are you?
A: on the starship.

Q: where is the starship?
A: in orbit around your planet, earth.

Q: this seems unlikely, surely it would be in the news?
A: our starship is out of phase with 3-space, thus not detectable by ‘standard’ means.

Q: what does “standard means” mean?
A: electromagnetic radiation ‘wraps around’ the starship, but this is an imperfect explanation. some of your science fiction describes a sort of ‘cloaking device’, but even this is a misnomer. it would be more accurate to say that in some instances of 3-space, our starship is quite visible. in your instance of 3-space, our starship is not detectible with electromagnetic radiation, at least so far as humans implement such technology.

Q: is there more than one earth? i’m not sure what you mean by “instances of 3-space”..
A: human perception of 3-space is a three dimensional world that consists of ‘everything’. now obviously, what can be seen, heard, felt, tasted, touched.. this is not the totality of reality, but most humans do believe their physical reality is ‘everything’. casual thought on this topic, however, tends to suggest that thought itself is not physical, nor are emotions. so it is a form of self-delusion, to suppose that one instance of 3-space is all that is. there are infinite earths.

Q: how can there be infinite earths?
A: consider pages in a book. each page contains words, phrases, punctuation; sentences. each page is a reality unto itself. but upon closer examination, a clever observer would note some discrepancies; namely, the start of a page might appear to be only half a thought, like there was more information before the initial text on that page. further, at the end of the page, a sentence might suddenly cut off, as though there was more information to follow. now naturally, you recognize there is a page before and after the page you are currently reading in the book, so to create continuity between initial and concluding statements on the page, you flip backwards or forwards through the book.

Q: i don’t understand how this describes infinite earths.
A: a book is a 3-space collection of 2-space planes, each represented by a single page. in 3-space, one has the liberty of flipping through 2-space pages in an array 2-space pages, comprising a 3-space geometry — the book. 3-space reality is not all that is. a moment in 3-space is really a ‘page’ in a 4-space book; with appropriate awareness, one can ‘flip through the pages’ of 3-space and select a reality of one’s choosing. in this present reality of 3-space of which you are aware, the starship is not visible; yet, it is there.

Q: wow.. i don’t think i really understand. can you provide another example?
A: many on earth believe that time is the fourth dimension, but it is not. time is an index that references an array of possible 3-space scenarios. have you ever experienced a deja vu? in crude terms, “someone” has flipped a page in your reality book, and an alternate timeline is being experienced. the deja vu is a bleed through between alternate 3-space scenarios. most of the time, this goes unnoticed by the inhabitants of 3-space. but once in awhile, a 3-space resident gets the feeling they’ve ‘been here before’ or ‘done this before’. and yes, they have. they are.

Q: i just.. i need some time to think about this.
A: as you wish.

[..transmission fades..]