conversations with an alien – part two

Q: happy to hear from you again. wondered if you’d be back?
A: my research has kept me busy.

Q: last time we were talking about energy..
A: i remember.

Q: you mentioned that energy comes from nothing?
A: am i to understand you agree with the idea that energy can originate from nothing?

Q: it’s an entertaining notion. what is nothing and what is energy? if space comes out of hyperspace (the bulk), how is energy coming out of nothing?
A: energy can come from nothing because nothing is poorly defined. there is no ‘zero point’.

Q: what is energy?
A: energy allows work to be done over time. when you apply energy to a system, it changes the state of that system.

Q: if nothing is poorly defined, how could nothing’s definition be further refined?
A: nothing is simply the lack of anything. as such, it depends on something to define it.

Q: a relative definition?
A: yes. what prevents energy from arising spontaneously? the first law of thermodynamics? if we believe that physics prevents energy from arising spontaneously, and nothing is the lack of anything, then the very rules prohibiting energy from occurring do not exist. energy simply emerges.

Q: is energy conscious?
A: it can be, but energy takes on many other configurations. consciousness is among them. it is as if reality itself cannot decide what form it wishes to take.

Q: would this be like the particle and anti-particle appearing suddenly in space with a certain momentum, then being mutually attracted and annihilated again?
A: yes, you can draw comparisons with virtual particles (vacuum fluctuations).

Q: it seems like the third dimension is an ‘artificially’ closed system, and that energy can and does enter and escape to/from hyperspace (the bulk).
A: you would be correct.

[..end transmission..]