diamond sutra

and the king’s english
influence the inspiration and language

once a wild man said:

‘i care to exist and air and water;
diamond wine’

when i was a child
my parents used to make me go to church
we went to lots of churches
my grandfather disapproved
and i didn’t understand why

i used to wonder how preachers came up with their material
something new every sunday
(even though i didn’t particularly care for it)
i did marvel at their creativity
maybe flop open a book
pick a verse from the holy writ?
make some arbitrary judgements
write a 3-point expository essay about it?
wrap it up with an intro and conclusion
ten minutes per paragraph
queue the band to play more songs
send the good flock off to
some all you can eat buffet
to dampen those guilty sorrows

until one sunday night..

yes, we had to go to church both morning and night sometimes
even wednesdays on occasion
maybe thursday and friday too
if they were trying to stoke a revival

..ah yes
THAT sunday night
the preacher confessed he had no new sermon for us
and i was amazed
scandalized really
(as it was popular to feel that way in those days)

now i understand

this NO THING to say

but there are no things to say
this is why they are named no things to say

(the diamond cutter draws another line)