dimensional definitions

i’m a lazy typer
so there are some definitions you ought to know

singularity = a point in space. like the period at the end of this sentence.

1D = a line drawn between two points. this is a straight line, it does not curve.

2D = a plane in x,y space.. like a sheet of paper. there is length and width, and curves can be expressed here. also known as 2-space.

3D = the dimension with which most are familiar. this is a cube in x,y,z space with length, width, and height. a cube is an infinite array of 2D planes. also known as 3-space.

Time = an illusion at best. not the fourth dimension, but perhaps a suitable indexer.

4D = an array of cubes. this space is capable of ‘holding’ an infinite array of 3D cubes, indexed by time. also known as 4-space, hyperspace, the bulk.

Time = a multidimensional construct. there is T1, representing a moment in 3D space. there is T2, representing a 2D array of possible 3D space events. you’re already saturated, so no need to discuss further dimensions of so-called ‘time’. really, time is timeless. all is now.

5D = what is known as heaven. thoughts become reality here. emotions drive thoughts. where souls go to “die” or “rest” before choosing a new reality to experience.

6D = the angelic and false god realm.

7D = the source. all that is. that from whence reality springs into being and ultimately subsides. nirvana. nothingness. everythingness. god.