dreamer dreaming

how do you know
you’re not dreaming right now?
are you pretty sure
you’re awake right now?

if you were dreaming
how would you know?

many times i have been dreaming
and convinced myself
i was truly awake
only to later awake
to realize i had been dreaming

light switches are a good clue
if you can flick the switch
and change the light levels
you might just be awake!
if instead
the lights do not change
and some narrative explains it away
you’re still dreaming!

mirrors are an interesting second choice
you inhabit many bodies at the same time
which face shows up in the mirror?
do you recognize it easily?
do the eyes move around?
is the mirror shattered
a different reality in each twisting shard?
you might be dreaming!

who is this dreamer?
who does the dreaming?
what is the dream the dreamer dreams?

cat jumps on the bed
sun shines through the house plants
a wo/man rubs their eyes
the dreamer awakes

i was just dreaming!
what was the dream?!

..do you remember?