herein and whereto

where are you right now?
are you comfortable?

once upon a time

a crazy man
roamed the streets
begging for cigarettes
smoking second hand rollies
from passerby ashtray droppings
he spoke of the delusion of duality
and i was compelled to listen
to this wise man’s rant
he was all trinary now
whatever that meant
what does trinary mean to you?
it’s the godhead, man
he explained
like the stars
shining forth their radiant brilliance
ancient civilizations
burning for their sins
casting a warming glow
upon those clueless planets
food for the plants and animals alike
and they deserved it surely
those old gods
this is why they are named
those old gods
for where are they now?
hidden behind every secret bend
wending through those unconscious thoughts
the aliens are here already
he declared
shining through your eyes
a woman hugged him next
and that was the end of our conversation