‘how will we ever remember this?’
we exclaimed
and the faeries inside the forgetmenots
stamped their clear-hot image
green and blue and golden in our mind

(forgetmenot.. again)

and they laughed at our astonishment
at their presence within the trees and flowers
‘we’ve been here all along’
they teased

‘why then, have we never seen you before?’
we inquired

for that we needed
hour-glass glasses
looking in on one side
taking a spin at the middle
spiralled up for a look on high
peering back down
and all around
rocks dissolving into fractals
and back into rocks again

(breathe some air you fool)

kerblinkers were their name
those hour-glass glasses
spun from down to up
and clear back down again
spreading out the mundane possibilities
slices of life variances
gaps filled with a dimly glowing fluid

and what lovely wildflowers
those forgetmenots