magi lake

on the shores of maji lake
s/he languished
skyclad with all the rest
soaking in those sweet ultraviolets
and when their skin began to feel that inkling of a sordid burn
they jumped into those crystal waters
grinning from ear to ear
feeling ten years younger

i thought it was just me
some pleasant, private delusion
but i saw an old man
i do not know
how he made it
down the jagged cliffs
along the rusted rails
through the rocky path
to find himself on the shores of maji lake
he was there

he hobbled
he stumbled
i thought he might fall down and shatter a brittle hip bone
but he made it to those blessed waters
waded out
past the gasping point
dove in, submerged himself
and when he arose from those healing waters
he walked straight and tall
cured of all ancient infirmities

he smiled
he laughed
he sloshed to the shore
all grins and happiness
health restored
by those majickal waters
on the shores of maji lake