oh how i wished
my father still knew me
hidden behind a glass darkly
voice scratchy over a bad telephone line
loaded up with psychotic drugs
to make him easier for the nurses the handle

wind whips the leafy branches
swaying violently
eardrums vibrate
with the thick bass of a passing car
people murmur
behind their darkened windows
cats slink
chasing shadows down the alleyway

the diamond cutter draws another line
but there are no diamonds
there are no cutters
there is no drawing
there is no another
there are no lines
this is why they are named
diamonds, cutters, drawing, another, and lines

what is meant by this repeating curiosity?
what is up with this diamond cutter business?
how can you say there is something
then turn around and say there is not that something?

here is the diamond cutter mystery explained:

thoughts are objects of the mind
they arise there
they dwell there
they circulate there
they die there
they are resurrected there
and another time they swirl there
thoughts are not real
thoughts are code
running in the wetware of your mind
when you were a baby
you had no words yet
words were programs
injected into your mind
when you were a small child
you had no judgements yet
judgements were programs
inflicted on your mind
when you were a young person
you had no money yet
money was a desired object
impressed upon your mind

but there are no words
there are no programs
there are no minds
there are no judgements
there is no money
there are no desired objects

this is why they are named
words, programs, minds, judgements, money, and desired objects

do you see?
can you understand?

thoughts are illusions
some programmed very early, and some later
the diamond cutter exposes these illusions
by calling them out
then assigning them their negatives
their antidotes
their non-thoughts
for there are no thoughts
this is why they are named thoughts

any of the ten thousand things
that can be named
are illusions
mind viruses
stealing your mental processing power

if you have a recurring thought
some endless soundtrack in your mind
some emotional pattern
that gets you thinking the same thing
over and over and over again

let it go
dissolve it into silence
let it sizzle into the great clear hot
the all and nothing icy void
and witness for yourself
ascendant tranquility

only when the mind is stilled
can wisdom and understanding arise