on distraction and the quantum breath

what distracts you?
when is the last time you wondered?
how distracted are you anyway?
are you feeling distracted right now?

how to cope with distraction

sit up right
(and breathe the bright)
spine straight
breathe in through nose
up from base of spine
into the centre of brain
out through centre of forehead
one inch
one metre
one light year
up to you
(takes 4s)

hold breath for a time

breath back down the spine
out through nose
backward from the starshine shimmering
to centre of forehead
into centre of brain
and back on down the spine
into base again

hold breath out
into vacuum
for a time

cycle repeats
perhaps 4x times

eyes shiny
spun un-twisting
peering through the mist
straight to the great clear hot
beyond the icy void

this is the quantum breath