one more time around

and sol
advanced in age
still put out a good fire
and courted his hidden mistress
brown on black
barely visible against the velvet aethers

sol calmed down as she approached
flares dampened
dirty sunspots stashed away
(for some other day)
all awash with gentler phires

although those canopy rifts
streaming forth their radiant plasmas
gave him dead away

oort and kuiper icelettes danced their wave
strengthened by her gravity pulse


those inhabitants of the earth
continued to spiral chase
a yellow star
they drove their cars
near and far
and tried to save money to die
(less estate taxes of course)

serpent writhes within the skies
electric comets
orbits doth arise

fret ye not
lover of cats
(or dogs, if you’re a dog person)
lover of plants
lover of minerals and rocks and airs..

fret ye not
those laid hidden
deep within the earths

fret ye not
those space-borne within the starships..

this has happened before
this will happen again

a question to the recently displaced soul fragment:
why would you return to a planet named earth?
is that truly
your only option?

oh soul
now that thou art dead
pass ye not
left nor right
but sail on true
clear to that blinding bright

is this a great error.. run to the first light that is seen?