Peach Preserves

This full length tutorial walks you through how to can peach preserves in salvaged jars like a pro!

Learn about common pitfalls, how to avoid mistakes, and how to create delicious canned peaches that your family and friends will enjoy!

Some of the topics that are covered include:

How to set up your canner boiler.
How to salvage reusable jars.
How to sterilize your jars and working area.
How to get the skins off of peaches quickly and easily.
How to slice your peaches.
How to pre-stew your peaches with honey for best canning results.
How to get your stewed peaches into the jars without making a mess!
How to prep your canning lids.
How to put the lids onto your jars with metal band rings.
How to get your jars of peaches into the canner boiler.
How to prevent your jars from exploding, shattering, and breaking.
How to use your canner boiler for best results.
How to get your piping hot jars out of the canner boiler!
How to cool your jars.
How to test your jars for good seals.
How to get a good seal on your jars every time!
How to label and store your jars of canned peaches.

There’s also some bonus footage in this tutorial where I show you my active compost, garden, and peach saplings that have grown out of peach pits I’ve saved in past years.

If you ever wondered how to successfully can your own peaches, and get great tasting peaches with perfect seals, you must watch this video!