the watchers watched on high

(these ones were pure
unaffected by hairstyles)

an earth go round and round
as the ends drew nigh
to begat benewed beginnings

until they spotted
a human form
trying something new

a rising insignia
above ascending flame
fed also
by heavens above
a symbol known to all
a symbol known to no-one
as above
so below

hovering rarefied
hanging in aether skies

a squiggling snake
sneaks its way past
some unknown ancient obstructions
lit from tail to crown

it was a dry, dry summer
weeks without the rain
smoky skies bleared the sun orange
and it was hot, hot
but somehow not as hot
as a yellow star in crisp blue air
shining over vibrant green forest

clouds overhead
sparse, sparse
barren thunderheads striking new fires
townsfolk alarmed
of the latest home casualty
felled to the acrid flames

cylinder of energy
glowing staff in the middle
forms about the centre
wisps of energy
spiralling in a whirl
into top and bottom
inside goes up
outside goes down
pushing out
into the psychic world

lightning flames upwards
from the clouds
to interact with ionosphere
extra hydrogen ions
attracted from the solar stream
bond with the oxygen in the sky
electrons swarm
to the new nucleus
happy to be married

rain falls down
a gentle patter upon the ground
smoky skies clear just a little
and the people breathe with relief

what now?
pulsate the field?
keep it steady?
.keep it steady.
that is the natural equilibrium of things

but alas
everything that has a beginning
has an end
rotating around the null space point
of passionless observance

a return to natural circumstances

spine so tingly and hot
and itchy
up and down
a bliss of refreshing shivers
a delicious sneeze in the night

the watchers added
a careless scribe
into their curious stone books
they yawned with boredom

‘show us
something under the sun’