sight seer

s/he drew the breath
shiny and bright
straight on up the spine

gazing skyward
inky skies
stars supine

and the buzzing drew near
dulled with age
and s/he dropped in a crouch once more

‘thank-you for the memory’

gazing stuttering
into the spun sideways widened wedge
feeling with extra.. depth

breathe you fool!

falling back to the body
in through the forehead
to centre of the brain
smoothly down the spine..

darker thoughts there
quite honestly
thicker, denser
ancient hurts
buried in the DNA before birth

the shaman went further

down from base of spine
down through legs
out through feet
socks, shoes
(a bit of a zap if you’re wearing rubber soles)
(to bridge that capacitive gap)
into the ground
drilling downwards
through the crust
thrust past the mantle
deep into core
hotter, denser, deeper
straight to the centre of the earth

he paused right there
that twinkling guide
he smiled and then asked:

‘what is at the centre of the earth?”

answer withheld
a secret
for your own discovery

do not linger too long
for you are mortal


up from the centre of the earth
surge thru core
past the mantle
thru the crust
up into feet and legs
and flowing to the base of spine
up the spine
into centre of brain
out through forehead..