binaural bicameral

with sufficient awareness, ‘nightmares’ are re-writable.

sometimes the ‘matrix’ or whatever..

maybe the karma/grudges from my daytime actions
(for i am not perfect)
is what they really are me something approaching ‘nightmare’ material

but really, it’s more mirth than anything these days
i watch the dream as a detached observer
still and silent within the great clear hot
even hear the sounds of real life as i dream
the braking and acceleration of diesel trucks
the droning hum of the nearby commercial heater
the screams and yellings of drunken passerby
the bicameral shouts in my otherwise deaf ears,
the mortal peril of some ‘nightmare’ dream sequence..

and all of it is delusion
not real
and there is no delusion
this is why it is named delusion

these binaural beats are designed to centre the mind
generating awareness from silence

it is more or less inevitable

as evidenced by shakti
arising to her consort shiva
the yin yearning for the yang..
and yet there are no gods,
this is why they are named gods.

the kingdom of heaven is within you,
(and all that)

this shakti/shiva mythos
is mind pictures for the following truth:

energy arises from your spine,
travels upwards to your crown
undulating the spine
a smile on one’s face..
all signs of this truth

Oh Calgarian

ten years later..

how’s it going with that snow?
and howling wind?
and teaser chinooks?

followed by more freezing cold
cracked and twisted, stunted trees
dead car batteries
desparate eyes that dare not make contact
dusty snow
drifted against the sides of gritty concrete
garbage fluttering like trapped birds
panic stricken within the chainlink fences

if you’re still there
i feel sorry for you
if you’re thinking about emigrating to canada
the prairies are not what you think

Mass Hysteria

and it came to pass in those days
that the people of the world
were wound straight up
twisted close to snapping like a rubber band pulled too tight
it was as if.. the walls were closing in
wreathed with jagged, rusty spikes
some vile and filthy poison dripping from their points
shrieking the ragged rantings of the ancient dead
and everyone was shaking on the inside
quaking with a world gone mad

the times of..

old friends
new friends
those indifferent

these are challenging times
the rapers of the land
multiply their inquities
against free will

and there is no free will
this is why it is named free will

and yet
the nature of nature is free will
each tree in the forest is unique
despite having similar genetics
(and who programmed that base-4 code?)
nature appears to love diversity
but nature has long been defiled
by the modern mechanical era
and at this time the hubris is writ large
this is the first cause of the great undoing
but there is more to come..

driving baselines
red wine
the seductions of success

in the end
what does it profit
a s/he/wo/man
to gain the whole world
and lose its/their soul?

now is a delicate time
a time of intense precision
where those who think they know
impose their thoughtful know upon the unknowing
and there is no know
there is no knowing
and there is no unknowing
this is why they are named
know and knowing and unknowing

those negative vision casters
were doomed from the start
and yet not so doomed
insofar as they might be damned
for there is no doom and there is no damnation
this is why they are named doom and damnation

round and round
these thoughts in the head
this is why they are named
thoughts in the head

there is a glowing horizon
a shimmering song
sung within the glimmering chest
those prayers of love
and unity

this that not and not these those..
please stop
make it end
how does spirit arise from ego dissolution?

in silence
in bliss
in that impossible golden clear hot cloud
one with all existence

androgynous alien body
are you ready for that?

ah, fair enough
the hungry carnavel keeper hands you a ticket
gaunt and pale
finger bones trembling nervously
the markings look strangely familiar
it simply states:
“good for one ride..’

heartbreak feelings

once upon a time
i was recently divorced
and i thought i’d be ok with it
but i took it very hard
discovering latent emotions
i didn’t know i had

at my lowest moment
my children and i discovered a kitten
half buried in the snow
nearly chilled frozen
by the prairie blizzard gales

we took him in
i wrote about this once, “feline explanatory”
it’s in stoneskrit
i really should make that available to you
someday soon..

anyways this cat lived 14 years
if cats have 7* lives
i guess that made him 98 in cat years
he was my very best friend
got me through some super tough times
he always loved me
and made my heart glad

long story short
he developed an incurable illness
i nursed him along as long as i could
vet bills be damned
and when the vet bills got too high
and the vet doctor expressed doubts
i took matters into my own hands
practiced my hippie-dippie bullshit
and extended my friend’s life
a couple of extra weeks

it was a rough end though
he had a stroke, paralysis
dragging his back legs around
mewling, crying
choking up blood
tongue stuck out in some death pose
squirming around on the cold tile floor
panting as he clung to life
and i had to make the ultimate decision
to give him the long sleep
as much as i loved him
i had to let him go
it was the humane thing to do

an odd synchronicity expressed itself
i was enraged
i was heartbroken
i was astonished
i was calm

appointments for an important life exam
and for the time of injection death
were the exact same time

i missed watching the life pass his eyes
my daughters were there
they said he looked relieved, thankful

i dug a grave
in the pouring rain
hammering past ancient rocks and roots
gouging out his final physical home
we all cried as we dropped his body in
as i piled the dirt back on top
as i rolled up the heavy stones
as i decorated his grave
with a piece of arcane driftwood

he would have liked it there
he used to sit on that flat rock in the sunshine
flicking his tail with exaggerated disinterest

i’m going to miss him
that furry friend fellow
safe travels, buddy
hope i see you again someday
past that velvet black
content within the golden bright

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oh how i wished
my father still knew me
hidden behind a glass darkly
voice scratchy over a bad telephone line
loaded up with psychotic drugs
to make him easier for the nurses the handle

wind whips the leafy branches
swaying violently
eardrums vibrate
with the thick bass of a passing car
people murmur
behind their darkened windows
cats slink
chasing shadows down the alleyway

the diamond cutter draws another line
but there are no diamonds
there are no cutters
there is no drawing
there is no another
there are no lines
this is why they are named
diamonds, cutters, drawing, another, and lines

what is meant by this repeating curiosity?
what is up with this diamond cutter business?
how can you say there is something
then turn around and say there is not that something?

here is the diamond cutter mystery explained:

thoughts are objects of the mind
they arise there
they dwell there
they circulate there
they die there
they are resurrected there
and another time they swirl there
thoughts are not real
thoughts are code
running in the wetware of your mind
when you were a baby
you had no words yet
words were programs
injected into your mind
when you were a small child
you had no judgements yet
judgements were programs
inflicted on your mind
when you were a young person
you had no money yet
money was a desired object
impressed upon your mind

but there are no words
there are no programs
there are no minds
there are no judgements
there is no money
there are no desired objects

this is why they are named
words, programs, minds, judgements, money, and desired objects

do you see?
can you understand?

thoughts are illusions
some programmed very early, and some later
the diamond cutter exposes these illusions
by calling them out
then assigning them their negatives
their antidotes
their non-thoughts
for there are no thoughts
this is why they are named thoughts

any of the ten thousand things
that can be named
are illusions
mind viruses
stealing your mental processing power

if you have a recurring thought
some endless soundtrack in your mind
some emotional pattern
that gets you thinking the same thing
over and over and over again

let it go
dissolve it into silence
let it sizzle into the great clear hot
the all and nothing icy void
and witness for yourself
ascendant tranquility

only when the mind is stilled
can wisdom and understanding arise