the choosing

you were playing in the water
a swamp
with lilly pads and frogs and salamanders
floating on a little wooden raft
warmed by a pervasive glowing light

when you heard a call
it came from a stone building
where the winged ones lived

you ran with joy
so loved were you
by these radiant keepers
you watched a movie
about some lives

a space pilot, dodging destruction!
excitement and adventure
that life ends suddenly

a shepherd, watching over leathery sheep
painted black under a red star sky
shadows deep and long

a gardner, of modest skill
at one with a purple planet
generously feeding your village

a human, cast upon the earth
there is sex there
and the ability to deceive

you giggle
you point at the life you like best
and down you tumble
wet in a womb
safe and protected for now


a snip
a smack
an impatient encouraging word
breathe little one!
your first sound in the world