the find — part II

my pencil grew dull
so i paused
to pocketknife chisel
a sharper graphite point
as i finished this delicate task
i sensed a motion nearby
and glancing quickly about
i saw a chipmunk!
quick, jerky movements
fast as micro teleports
all furry stripes and bright eyes
head and tail twitching inquisitively
and i wished i had some food to share
but alas
all i had was cheap red wine
in a murky green bottle
with a screw top cap
as i took another sip
the chipmunk blinked in a flash
to a stump by the mystery backpack
the backpack!!
our curiosity ached with a dark longing to know
the chipmunk scolded me, urged me on;
“let’s see what’s in the backpack, human!”