the lost soul

we found her
wandering in the fog
mumbling in the darkness
so we gave her a hug
and she recognized us

“i know you!” she exclaimed

but we had few words
walking down a city block
of the ‘real world’
we had to keep our wits about us

“take a look over your head.. you see the star?”
we inquired

she lamented
“i see only the endless black mist”

“look longer,
be patient,
the star is there”
we reassured

“i see it now,
like a dim spark in the clouds!”
she was happy
to see something new

“keep looking,” we advised

and by and by
the stars began to speed by
smeared but distinct
if one chose to focus
concentric rings of smoky plasma
rounded out our rapid journey

“i want to slow down
and take a look at the scenery”
she protested

we were slightly impatient
also most patient
and meted out the moment
into parallel eternities
giving her space to explore

as the intersection grew near
we had to pay attention to the traffic lights
play with ‘time’ a little

then suddenly
on we went
sailing true
clear to that blinding bright
and it was not so bright
as to hurt the eyes
not that we had eyes to see

the borders of the wormhole star gate raced into view
ancestors were there
we didn’t know most of them
but some of them we knew
people we had encountered during our sojourn upon the earth

that fertile rock
circles a yellow star
and that is just the way that things are

a spirit thanked our guidance
but failed to provide further clarity
back down the wormhole we tumbled
back into our body

and we walked across the street
when the light turned green