The Stardrive Omnicron Chronicles — Episode 4

it was dark as we walked down the hall to the elevator
my companion seemed short by human standards
sex.. not exactly known
we walked in together
and pushed a button on the wall
(the symbol on the button seemed reasonable)
up we went
to transparent height
our bodies were radiant
glowing bright
the doors sighed away to a startling sight —
‘we’re pulling him out for this?’
the time traveler inquired
its various faces spread deep into void space
and it was a fine mess
stardrive omicron with a fractal smash
shattered crystals littering the immediate space nearby
suspended in a slow motion explosion
plasma discharge singing some jagged glassy tale
somehow we knew
that telepathic redemption
as electrical humms
and spasming arcs
drew stardrive omicron together again
(captain jurgen could only dream of this
tucked away in cryo for the show..
s/he so HATED time)
and like a feather
falling back to earth
and slamming into a body
i awoke with a jolt in my bed