the times of..

old friends
new friends
those indifferent

these are challenging times
the rapers of the land
multiply their inquities
against free will

and there is no free will
this is why it is named free will

and yet
the nature of nature is free will
each tree in the forest is unique
despite having similar genetics
(and who programmed that base-4 code?)
nature appears to love diversity
but nature has long been defiled
by the modern mechanical era
and at this time the hubris is writ large
this is the first cause of the great undoing
but there is more to come..

driving baselines
red wine
the seductions of success

in the end
what does it profit
a s/he/wo/man
to gain the whole world
and lose its/their soul?

now is a delicate time
a time of intense precision
where those who think they know
impose their thoughtful know upon the unknowing
and there is no know
there is no knowing
and there is no unknowing
this is why they are named
know and knowing and unknowing

those negative vision casters
were doomed from the start
and yet not so doomed
insofar as they might be damned
for there is no doom and there is no damnation
this is why they are named doom and damnation

round and round
these thoughts in the head
this is why they are named
thoughts in the head

there is a glowing horizon
a shimmering song
sung within the glimmering chest
those prayers of love
and unity

this that not and not these those..
please stop
make it end
how does spirit arise from ego dissolution?

in silence
in bliss
in that impossible golden clear hot cloud
one with all existence

androgynous alien body
are you ready for that?

ah, fair enough
the hungry carnavel keeper hands you a ticket
gaunt and pale
finger bones trembling nervously
the markings look strangely familiar
it simply states:
“good for one ride..’