V – Tomes

five fragile notebooks
pencil on paper etched
– some distant madness –
from the past
have been discovered!

first pages of each booklet read as follows:

I – Tome
cantor’s infinity

strive too hard
lose the context

then it came to pass
(in those days)
before the galactic core eruption
that blue star
they’d all see
sooner or later
that they were eating kraft dinner
and their minds thereby dulled

II – Tome
there is something to this
alone in nature
…feel better
with cat
honestly better
with nearly every
almost always worse
(find people
who make you feel good)

III – Tome
all of it spun
from the thriving hum
of electric blue

dark monks

everything is great
in 2008

IV – Tome
join a think tank

at this point
how can you think
this is helping you?
all this use
makes the body hurt
makes one tired and bored

V – Tome
new beginnings
divinely unfolding now

don’t miss a thing
drink it all in
a dear nokken
jumps from the fountain