where are you right now?

perhaps the most popular question
asked over an electronic device

“I’m at the library
reading a book”

awareness is above
physicality is below

what a curious mystery
the willful forgetfulness of source
it’s some divine plan

ask even those near death experience folks
they go to heaven or hell or whatever
understand everything in its cosmic significance
realize they have to come back to earth
wake up back in their body
and totally forget why they came back
by design

listen friend
if you’re lost in life’s feels:
your pain
your emotions
your passion
your power
your lust
your pride
your sense of self importance

these are silent gongs
soundless bells
they are the essence of being on a physical world

what energizes this existence?
whence forth doth awareness arise?
the world is old and dirty
it’s a reasonably decent planet
(sky is the perfect shade of blue)

the heart is where heaven meets earth
those radiant beams of divinity
merge with the murky meat sack mucks

dwell in the great clear hot
hovering between heaven and earth
shining in that sacred space of heart